St. Petersburg Cathedrals (Troitsky Cathedral, Isaac Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Blood)

I would put a night picture as a featured photo for the post as the relationship of the Russian State and Orthodox Church is not so easy to comprehend and has often been controversial. While before the 1917 Revolution in Russia the Orthodox church had had of influence in the country, after the revolution it suddenly lost all the power and many churches were demolished by the Soviet state. Now, after the 1990s, the Russian state favours the strong religion again, and this fact represents well that Russia is a country of impressive contrasts and puzzles and one should never underestimate the past in order to understand the present.

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Troitsky Cathedral: bluer than the sky

Day-2-1--Troitsky-CathedralSt. Nicholas Naval Cathedral: it is fascinating inside – plan a visitDay-2-2--St.-Nicholas-NavalDay-2-3--St.-Nicholas-NavalSt. Isaak’s Cathedral: it is the one you will hardly miss whi le walking around the cityso do not forget that it is possible to go up some 200+ stairs for a great city view.Day-2-4--Isaak-CathedralDay-2-5--Isaak-CathedralDay-2-6--Isaak-CathedralDay-2-7--Isaak-CathedralDay-2-8--Isaak-CathedralDay-2-10--Isaak-CathedralChurch of the Savoir on BloodDay-2-11Day-2-12Day-2-13

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