Driving with a view in the German Alps: 450km scenic Alpenstraße route


The road is calling! I believe driving in Germany is one of the best experiences one may have in this country. Driving in the Alps is easy and extremely rewarding as almost no planning is needed, and the beautiful views are promised. You just need to hit the starting point of the route and enjoy the ride.

As Germans take engineering and planning very seriously, they give special names to all the scenic roads they have, promote tourism along the way and provide insight information.

Alpenstraße is a spectacular ~450km Alpine road in the very south of Germany between the mountain lakes Königsee and Bodensee, motorbikes and cabrio-friendly. I found this website devoted to Alpenstraße pretty handy, deutsche-alpenstrasse.de.  Useful info on all other roads in the Alps in Europe is also maintained by ADAC, an automobile club in Germany. 

Keep in mind, that it is very easy to miss the right turn and enter Austria. If you unintentionally do so and are about to enter a highway, you will need to buy a toll sticker (8.90 Euro for 10 days for up to 3.5t car). However, it adds even more flavour to the trip and reminds how amazingly diverse, yet interconnected Europe is.



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