Baden-Baden: you are here to relax like in the classy times

Baden-Baden: following the paths of famous Russian writers and artists of the 19th century, I came to visit this city to spend a lazy relaxed summer Saturday there.

It is only 1 hour away from Frankfurt by ICE train, and it takes 10-15 min to get from the train station to the city center so less than 1,5 hour all in all! I had an impression that I would get bored soon, but instead I felt sorry I did not stay there at least for two days.


First of all, the town is a health resort and you feel it everywhere: air is fresh, hills are green, gardens are fulls of roses, parks are with cute benches, spas work longer working hours, people are dressed better than ever, and the sun is not too shy to hide behind the clouds.

Do you need some peace? Romantic photo-session? Black Forest? A spa day? Greenery? Civilized hiking? A little bit of everything? If anything of those, just come to Baden-Baden and to enjoy all, better overnight.

The Lichtentaler Allee along the river is a lovely park area, with plenty of benches and precious spots. There is a rose garden and other parts having different flowers, depending on the time of the year.

The most visited spas, Caracalla therme and Friedrichsbad, are located at the same square.  Caracalla therme is for those who want some healthy treatment and sunshine outside, and Friedrichsbad, positionining itself as a Roman-Irish bath, provides more delicate and richer experience, however, at a slightly higher price and rather locked all under the roof – so I visited Caracalla in summer to get some sun tan and saved Friedrichsbad  for a visit opportunity in colder times.

And now let’s go through the town and the its delightful parks.



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